Selasa, November 30, 2010

I am a queen

Do you know that my name means A GRACEFUL QUEEN?
So that's how my dad expected me to be
and how my mom prayed me to be
A queen, with all the beautiful, intelligent, and elegant attributes attached
even when her kingdom shattered into ashes
will still hold her grace tightly
and have her chin up

So, if you had hurt a queen's heart
and made her cry
made her lost her hope
made her feel like there's no other tomorrow
made her cursing to herself and wish everything goes to the other direction
just remember,...
a queen remains a queen, no matter what
she will be just fine
I will be just fine
I am fine
I am always fine
Because I am a queen
A graceful queen.


Diam-diam aku merindukan senyuman diammu
yang diam-diam kautujukan untukku
tapi diam-diam senyum diammu mendadak hilang
saat aku diam-diam mulai menikmati senyum diammu
aku hanya bisa diam menatapmu yang diam menatapku
tanpa bisa tahu apa yang diam-diam kau simpan
di balik senyum diammu