Senin, April 09, 2007

A Boredom Survival Kit

This is a post that have been introduced as an initial writing in my alter language weblog.

Boredom is such a deadly weapon that can slowly kill anybody entrapped inside. It such a daily torture for us – me and other classmates – whenever or lecturers unable to cheer up the atmosphere and make the learning process easier.

Then look at the effect,…

“Great lecturer,… she can freeze the time!”

“… time goes by so slowly … “ – a soundtrack by Madonna, Hung Up.

“ Lend me your sudoku* !”

“… sret sret sret … “ the sound of pen from the diligent student; noting down all whatever the lecturer said.

“h-o-n-e-y-i-m-i-s-s-y-o-u-! Send!”

Sunny, sunny, apa kabarmu, kabarku baik-baik saja,” – with a thin wire connected to her ears.

“ … miss, how about this point?” another interruption as an icebreaker.

“…ppsst! Ppsst! What did happen last night with your ehem ehem,…” asked one directly to another’s ears.

“ Roasted chicken or fried rice?”


“Hey, look at your homework! Haven’t made it yet,… “ – begged with a wink-wink eyelashes.

“hhhrroocck,… zzz,…”

“Huuussh! You see her oversized shirt? She must be staying overnight and wearing her boyfriend’s shirt.”

“…*** - censored.”

Dear lecturers, reality bites… But then, it happens. Some of the statements were taken from actual events; don’t wanna tell you which.

* a numerical mind game that recently being popular among the youth

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