Jumat, Agustus 01, 2008

My Thesis is about to complete

After went through all exhausting process, i finally submitted my S1 thesis on Juli31. Huuuh, it was the latest deadline of thesis submission. Alhamdulillah... Now, it's only the matter of oral examination. The schedule hasn't been published yet, but i guess it will be around August 9-22.

My thesis is about translation issue. The title is :

A Study of assive-to-active Translation Shift in the Dialog of Cerpen Pilihan Kompas 2001 - Mata yang Indah and Its ENglish Translation Kompas Best Short Stories 2001 - Beautiful Eyes

So, it is about why most of the dialog lines in the short story anthology translated into active voice.There is a general assumption that the Indonesians use more passive, but English tend to use active voice. This different perspective led to passive-to-active translation shift. So, i observe the Indonesian passive constructions and see their shift into active, including what pattern that will come up and into what extent this shift is needed to gain natural and equivalent outcome in the target language.

So,... wish me luck ya? I hope i can have A for this thesis. A stands for Anggun, right? hehehe :p

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Lucille Baker mengatakan...

So, what happened to you thesis? Well, I think you topic was amazing! What kind of Master degree you took? I wish you also post your thesis statement on the net for us to see what the whole paper is all about. Anyway, just keep us posted on what happened and good luck!