Kamis, September 13, 2007

Welcome Ramadhan

I wrote this in the midnight, counting the seconds to welcome Ramadhan month, the holiest and the most precious month for the Moslems. I just couldn’t shut my eyes; quite fresh for writing a new post for my blog.

I just saw several soaps on tv; most of them bring Ramadhan as their main topic, main idea, main conflict of the fight between good and evil. Good and evil fight is such a common theme, if I can’t say it cliché. But, Ramadhan seems to be commercialized. I don’t know is it only me or it is real that Ramadhan is used as a reason for people to ask forgiveness, to dress politely, to show less skin, to be more patient, to do Moslem prayer as whole as it is written in the Koran, to do less crime and bad things, to be more honest to others, and many things. But then, what’s the point if these habits only last 30 days during the Ramadhan. After they leave this month, they just go back into their habits. Ramadhan ends, all the good things that bring merit end. It is cyclical, just a never ending circular movement.

Just seeing a news flash on tv. A group of police officers and pamong praja squad raided an area famous for prostitution. All the commercially sex workers, all of them female, are seized and sent into some kind of rehabilitation institution. The neighborhood is cleaned up from immoral activities. Bottles of alcohol were burnt. The area is closed. Problem is solved. End of story. Then why next year, in the next Ramadhan, they still have to do the same raid to the prostitution area?

I am no saint, as well. My sin isn’t lesser than yours. It is not a judgment for anybody. I am talking to myself, why should I have two steps backward after having a step forward?

Anyway, welcome Ramadhan… It's such a bless of having one more Ramadhan in our life.

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