Jumat, September 07, 2007

Exes Only Deal with Past, Don't They?

I met my old friend from junior high – her name is Fancy – and for hours we shared about the old days we had together. She came with her boyfriend, Patrick, and when I asked whether he sometimes felt jealous about guys from Fancy’s past.

He replied (or sort of like this ‘cause I don’t remember the exact words) :
“She grew up without my permission, why should I be anxious of that?”

I felt a sudden lightning struck my head (hopefully it didn’t left any scar on my forehead :p)… Anyway, Patrick’s answer seems to be an answer for me. I never let go the fact that my boyfriend went on many relationships before ours. I am always jealous when his exes called to say hi or asked him out. In my head, it is programmed that they come to ruin every brick I lay to make this relationship successful, strong, and tough. I always feel that their presence is determined to take my man away. What a shallow point of view, right?

Patrick is right, I guess. I met when he was 19. He was dating since he was 14. In five years, he could meet any kind of girls, involved in any kind of situation, and experienced various kinds of feelings. He couldn’t be blamed of having that.

Then I look into my friend in college, Ayu. The complicated process between her and her present boyfriend (Mr.G) whose ex is Ayu’s best friend since high school (Ms. M), is really an eye-opening experience. I don’t know what Ayu did to cope with the feeling that she meets his boyfriend’s ex all the time. I don’t know what Ayu did to get rid the thought of what happened between Mr. G and Ms. M in their previous relationship – Those kisses, hugs, touches, romantic moments, or any physical intimate contact. I can easily lose my mind if I’m walking in her shoes. But three of them can get along as if there was nothing beyond the relationship. So, why can’t I?

I need a lot of work to make this works, of course. It’s not easy to change the mind set, definitely difficult to totally adjust the system. At least, my boyfriend always tells if there’s any contact with his exes. He always says that Ms. D called, Ms. F sent sms, bla bla bla,… At least, he wants me to know anything about him. He let me to come inside and share his world. Could it be too good to be true?

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pinkanabiz! mengatakan...

Exes only deal with past..??
Yes it might...

But, unfortunately the present is the past from the future..

So you might also say that the present/the current is a mixture of the past and the future..

What really matter is whether you choose to move on or get stuck in the past....trust is a good sign of moving on.... :)

btari-yang-anggun mengatakan...

Huhu Sena,... gw gak tau harus semangat ato nangis darah lagi denger komen elo :(

Girlfriend of Mr. G n bestfriend of Ms. M mengatakan...

knp harus diperjelas "those kisses, hugs, touches, romantic moments, intimate contacts n bla bla bla..?" i might be just ok before reading ur blog but now i guess i'm ready to hang myself.. Hell with their kisses, hugs, touches, romantic moments, intimate contacts or everything cuz now he's mine..

I'll kill you tomorrow!!! :p

btari-yang-anggun mengatakan...

Galak ya bow,... Gw hampir sport jantung di fitness center pas baca SMS lo yang isinya huhuhuhu :(
At least, let me make my will :">